Video Editing/Podcast Experience

My experience making the audio was pretty pain free, and quite fun. The hardest part for me was picking what songs i wanted to edit. I wanted it to be uptempo but I didn’t want it to be overwhelming (at least for the first song). Then actually editing the audio around my voice and doing the cross-fade was stress free. The only snag I hit was getting the second song to fade in at just the right time, but that was an east fix after all of 5 minutes worth of finagling. I then had the idea for the diner sounds in the beginning while eating at Henry’s Diner on Livingston with my friends, so I immediately took out my laptop and recorded like 10 seconds to loop for the first part of my intro.


Screenshot Captured from

I watched the video by Red Letter Media, which was a review of Starship Troopers. I though it was a very funny review, and it was well put together. First off, they had 4 different angle which was cool. They had the landscape view in the beginning with both hosts in the frame, then they had a side shot of one of the hosts. Throughout the video the switched between frontal views of each host individually. It appears that audio was recorded using a lapel mic which is visible on the bodies of both hosts, and I presume there was probably a boom mic too behind the scenes. The actual review was shot themselves however they borrowed clips from the movie to use as reference throughout the review. They must have edited it in a way so that the two hosts knew what clip would be added in post so they could give space to place the clip in during editing. I have no idea where they may have edited their video, but I’d assume in a studio of some sort, not necessarily a professional studio but maybe like a home studio.


“Coffee Thoughts” Podcast Intro

This is my intro to a fake podcast “Coffee Thoughts”. I received an email saying my first one was removed so I mad another, but the the first one is back! So I have 2 with different body songs, lemme know which one is better! 🙂

Audio Editing/Garage Band

Audio editing has been a very useful tool in my life. I love music and have been playing guitar, piano, and ukulele for years, as well as listening to just about every genre of music. I learned how to use Garage Band in middle school for a school project and found it to be very useful for video projects. The audio editors in movie programs are not very good, so it was nice to be able to edit audio in Garage Band and then transfer it to iMovie. I do not know how I will use audio editing in the future but I do believe it will come in handy. Although I am a freshman and do not have a solid plan, I know I want to work in Social Awareness for Environmental Issues, so I know that I will probably be using it in the future. As far as using audio editing as a hobby, that is something I already do. I use Garage Band to create and record backtracks for my music. Since I do not have many musician friends, I rely on my ability to create a rhythm to play in the background while I play. I find this very useful and fun as I can get creative and edit the sound to something different than the instrument I am playing, like adding a delay to my guitar, or turning my piano into more of a synth. I also will occasionally create a simple beat using the loops provided by Apple, however they do not offer the drum style I prefer so it is not always the most fun, and creating a drum track on the system is tedious since I have to use the musical typing, which is annoying and tedious to begin with. However, I do not have the money to purchase a quality recording device so I usually do not keep my backtracks because they are poor quality. In the future I hope to get a quality recorder so I can actually make music instead of crude backtracks.


Sound City Recording Studio from

Photo Editing

Photo editing is not one of my best skills, however I do have some experience with it. I do not use any professional tools. The only programs I use are the ones provided on my devices and a free photo editing app on my phone. I do not do a lot of editing but I do some simple photo-editing for friends and family as seen in the photo of my friend skydiving and I also like to just edit photos for myself or for social media like the picture of my friends Bel Air Nomad. I do not have any skill using photoshop or any other advanced photo editing software although I have used them before very briefly in high school. I really only learned the basics but consequently I do not remember them because I took that class as a freshman. Although I do not have any solid experience using photo editing software I do believe that I will be able to pick up the basic skills and other actions very quickly. One skill I have with technology and editing software is that I can quickly learn how to use it for my basic needs. Despite the skills I can gain however, I am unsure of what I will use photo editing for in the future as of now However this is also due to my lack of knowledge on the applications of photoshop and other such programs in the professional world. Additionally I am also pretty unsure of what can actually be done with photoshop. Despite these uncertainties I do feel that these skills will be helpful ones that I can add to my list of skills, and that in the future I will be able to help my company or organization with them.