Photo Editing

Photo editing is not one of my best skills, however I do have some experience with it. I do not use any professional tools. The only programs I use are the ones provided on my devices and a free photo editing app on my phone. I do not do a lot of editing but I do some simple photo-editing for friends and family as seen in the photo of my friend skydiving and I also like to just edit photos for myself or for social media like the picture of my friends Bel Air Nomad. I do not have any skill using photoshop or any other advanced photo editing software although I have used them before very briefly in high school. I really only learned the basics but consequently I do not remember them because I took that class as a freshman. Although I do not have any solid experience using photo editing software I do believe that I will be able to pick up the basic skills and other actions very quickly. One skill I have with technology and editing software is that I can quickly learn how to use it for my basic needs. Despite the skills I can gain however, I am unsure of what I will use photo editing for in the future as of now However this is also due to my lack of knowledge on the applications of photoshop and other such programs in the professional world. Additionally I am also pretty unsure of what can actually be done with photoshop. Despite these uncertainties I do feel that these skills will be helpful ones that I can add to my list of skills, and that in the future I will be able to help my company or organization with them.


One thought on “Photo Editing

  1. Your blog is really appealing to the eye and I like the contrast of colors! The picture of the Belair really sticks out when I first got to the home page and it’s a sick car. It’s not the worst thing that you haven’t had a lot of experience editing because one of the best ways to learn the softwares is to mess around with them. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with photoshop, a lot of which I haven’t even found out how to use. The skydive picture was also really cool and I have always wanted to go. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more.


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