Audio Editing/Garage Band

Audio editing has been a very useful tool in my life. I love music and have been playing guitar, piano, and ukulele for years, as well as listening to just about every genre of music. I learned how to use Garage Band in middle school for a school project and found it to be very useful for video projects. The audio editors in movie programs are not very good, so it was nice to be able to edit audio in Garage Band and then transfer it to iMovie. I do not know how I will use audio editing in the future but I do believe it will come in handy. Although I am a freshman and do not have a solid plan, I know I want to work in Social Awareness for Environmental Issues, so I know that I will probably be using it in the future. As far as using audio editing as a hobby, that is something I already do. I use Garage Band to create and record backtracks for my music. Since I do not have many musician friends, I rely on my ability to create a rhythm to play in the background while I play. I find this very useful and fun as I can get creative and edit the sound to something different than the instrument I am playing, like adding a delay to my guitar, or turning my piano into more of a synth. I also will occasionally create a simple beat using the loops provided by Apple, however they do not offer the drum style I prefer so it is not always the most fun, and creating a drum track on the system is tedious since I have to use the musical typing, which is annoying and tedious to begin with. However, I do not have the money to purchase a quality recording device so I usually do not keep my backtracks because they are poor quality. In the future I hope to get a quality recorder so I can actually make music instead of crude backtracks.


Sound City Recording Studio from


One thought on “Audio Editing/Garage Band

  1. I really dig your header it’s got a nice subtleness to it! As a musician I have about the same experience with garageband too. Sometimes if i don’t have people to play or write with i tend to just have a drum track going and then record bass and guitar on top of it. The effects on garageband are pretty handy too to get the sound that I want. I think there was an update on it a bit ago where you can make the drumming times and sound more precise. Cool post!


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