Midterm Blogs Top 5

Top 5 Midterm Blogs

All of the Midterm Blogs were awesome! Each one had it’s own personality and feel to it. However, my Top 5 Midterm Blogs were:

  1. Retro Gaming For Beginners
  2. The Hidden Wild
  3. The Homeopathic Helper
  4. For Reel
  5. Give Me the Aux

 Retro Gaming For Beginners: retrocampblog.wordpress.com

First thoughts: “This is  awesome”. I think this blog is so visually appealing right from the first page. The background is so cool and the whole idea of retro gaming is awesome. I think the whole Mario theme is really nice, especially the evolution of Mario in the welcome post. Overall I think the blog was done very well and had a very cool theme to it. However I do think it could use more pages in the header, but besides that I loved it.

The Hidden Wild: thehiddenwildblog.wordpress.com

I was immediately drawn to The Hidden Wild upon opening the link. The natural landscape photo and quote is a great way to welcome new comers. I think it is really cool that it is the entire screen and the cool colors do not make it hard on the eyes. Furthermore I think the idea of scrolling though the blog to get to other pages such as “About” and “Contact” is a very nice touch. I also really like the overall idea of the blog I think it’s a really cool idea, and was made in a very stylish way.

The Homeopathic Helper: thehomeopathichelper.wordpress.com

I really like this blog. It has an almost “homey” feel to it and I think the concept is really cool. The different categories and blogroll were really cool, and I liked the title for the calendar, I thought that was very clever. Despite all these positives, I do think that the blog can use some work, especially the header. I like the header image, but I think that it should have been blended into the background better. Besides that though, I really did think this was a good blog.

For Reel: forreelreview.wordpress.com

This blog was really clean and cool. For one the logo with the “R-Rating” is awesome. I am also not usually a fan of yellow, but the golden/yellow highlight text really stood out nicely. Furthermore the header image was very cool, I like the different iconic characters in a montage, very cool. It was hard to pick between this blog and the Homeopath Helper, the only reason I ranked For Reel lower was because the concept didn’t catch me as much as Homeopathic Helper. Besides that I loved it.

Give me the Aux: givemetheauxblog.wordpress.com

Finally we have Give Me The Aux. I really like the concept of this blog, Hip/Hop and Rap are musical genres that I really like, but I never know about any knew or “hot” music in these genres since I mostly listen and follow Alt. Rock. I really like the video content asking people about rappers they like or think are hot. I also really liked the opening page with the blog’s name and pictures of famous/classic rappers. My biggest problem and why it is last however, is the video quality was not that great and the header pic was pretty blurry, but I overall really liked it.


One thought on “Midterm Blogs Top 5

  1. I agree with all of your rankings here, as you make some good points regarding video quality, header images, aesthetics, and style. I had a different rank of the blogs, but I also ranked Give Me The Aux and The Hidden Wild as part of my top 5. As you mentioned with these blogs, The Hidden Wild has great style and layout that is both welcoming and easy on the eye. With the bog, Give Me The Aux, your interest in the genre of music draws you to the blog, and I felt the same way. It is a concise way to keep up to date with Hip-Hop/Rap and it is presented in a realistic way, especially with the real opinions that were included in the video. Overall, I agree with the comments that you make and I went to check out some of the blogs that you mentioned that I didn’t to reevaluate them.


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