Video Editing/Podcast Experience

My experience making the audio was pretty pain free, and quite fun. The hardest part for me was picking what songs i wanted to edit. I wanted it to be uptempo but I didn’t want it to be overwhelming (at least for the first song). Then actually editing the audio around my voice and doing the cross-fade was stress free. The only snag I hit was getting the second song to fade in at just the right time, but that was an east fix after all of 5 minutes worth of finagling. I then had the idea for the diner sounds in the beginning while eating at Henry’s Diner on Livingston with my friends, so I immediately took out my laptop and recorded like 10 seconds to loop for the first part of my intro.


Screenshot Captured from

I watched the video by Red Letter Media, which was a review of Starship Troopers. I though it was a very funny review, and it was well put together. First off, they had 4 different angle which was cool. They had the landscape view in the beginning with both hosts in the frame, then they had a side shot of one of the hosts. Throughout the video the switched between frontal views of each host individually. It appears that audio was recorded using a lapel mic which is visible on the bodies of both hosts, and I presume there was probably a boom mic too behind the scenes. The actual review was shot themselves however they borrowed clips from the movie to use as reference throughout the review. They must have edited it in a way so that the two hosts knew what clip would be added in post so they could give space to place the clip in during editing. I have no idea where they may have edited their video, but I’d assume in a studio of some sort, not necessarily a professional studio but maybe like a home studio.